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Hand-Made Calzones in Sauce on the Side

Have you ever been to Sauce on the Side? They are PROS in Hand-Made Calzones that you can enjoy with a wide variety of sauces, they also have Salads and Desserts that would light up your lunch or dinner.
-In case you were wondering, they have a catering service ready to go for your special Events and Parties 🎊.
-You can find them in: Carmel & Downtown Indy 📍
-They have online order/ pickup.
-There are also available gift cards for your #CalzoneLover friend ♥️

This is why you should try Sauce on the Side: their business model is very unique and they’re committed to delivering more to the customers! Everything is made in house

Let us know about your experiences ➡️ #WeLikeIndy or @welikeindy
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“We can only say sauce on the side is fresh, craveable and conforting”♥️

Gaby Perez
Chef and Barista | Nature lover 🪴 | Languages & Communications.


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