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Lovely treats at Macaron Bar!

Macaron Bar is a lovely bakery that specializes in French Macarons, and they even have classes on the weekends to teach you how to make these sublime macarons at home and take a piece of Macaron Bar with you (and your family & friends).

For those of you who are not familiarized with Macarons or never tried one before, this is what to expect, they’re crunchy on the outside with a fluffy inside, and smooth filling.

Their flavors range from more traditional options like Dark Chocolate, Earl Grey Tea, Madagascar Vanilla, Pistachio, Salted Caramel, and Toasted Coconut — to fun flavors like Birthday Cake, Mimosa, Cinnamon Roll, etc. They collaborate with local businesses to create unique seasonal flavors. The Pistachio is a regular favorite of ours!

The staff is super friendly!! So don’t be shy to ask them about any allergens before you buy.

It’s a must-stop on Mass Avenue!!

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Photos by #TeamWeLikeIndy

Gaby Perez
Chef and Barista | Nature lover 🪴 | Languages & Communications.


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