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Napolese Pizzeria in Meridian Kessler

Today, we went to a great Italian place! [ @napolesepizzeria ]. We ordered the Green Machine & Meridian Kessler pizzas as a main and for dessert a delicious Tiramisù!!

Founded by six-time James Beard Foundation semifinalist Martha Hoover in 2010, Napolese is about artfully made pizza and stone hearth baking. The seasonal menu paired with incredible service makes for a world class pizza experience.

“From 1 to 5, tell us how much do you like pizza? ’cause we love it”♥️🍕

Hoy visitamos un agradable lugar de comida italiana [ @napolesepizzeria ].
En esta oportunidad pedimos 2 pizzas (Green Machine y Meridian Kessler), además de un delicioso Tiramisu.

De 1 al 5 que tanto te gusta la pizza? Porque nosotros la amamos ❤️🍕

Dani Harris
marketer | tennis lover 🎾| foodie


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