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Harmony Tea Shoppe in Noblesville IN

The perfect spot to cool down in Noblesville IN. Plus, This place is a must go for boba. So many options to choose from. Service is given with a smile. The decor is absolutely incredible. I’ve been here so many times and will continue to come back.!! Reusable cups! Proudly recommend it! @harmony_tea_shoppe ✨😍

I especially recommend the mango pomelo sago 🥭 an Pineapple coconut bubble tea 🍍 There’s also a wide variety of drinks to choose from and ways to customize (i.e. sugar level, toppings, boba type).

Self-serve kiosks to put in your orders are easy to use. Drinks can get pricier than your avg boba place depending on what you choose but you pay for quality. ✨🥰 We didn’t try the poke bowls but they had self ordering kiosks that were convenient for someone has anxiety. The poke bowls also looked really fresh and a good value for the amount of food, we’re looking forward to trying them next time!

Thanks @nicolexindy and lara @see_do_eat for the recommendation 😊💞🧋

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Dani Harris
marketer | tennis lover 🎾| foodie


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