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Re-opening Barnes & Noble library in Noblesville

We are beyond excited for the opening of @bnnoblesville @barnesandnoble in Noblesville 📚💖

They re-designed their brand and gave it a nice fresh touch! Their new shop has a lot of space for you to enjoy your books, magazines, music and the little details that we love about B&N! 🤩🤩

“By the way, we’ll miss the in-store Starbucks!”

Barnes and Noble has just opened their new location, and it’s lovely. It’s more spacious than it seems, and there are neat separate areas for a lot of different genres. It’s a lot smaller than the old store was, but that one seemed too large.

I love Barnes & Noble! This is the closest location for me & I’m there basically every Sunday. I love browsing & buying books! They always have a great selection and their staff are friendly & knowledgable & helpful.

You can find them at 17070 Mercantile Blvd, Noblesville

Dani Harris
marketer | tennis lover 🎾| foodie


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